The Craigslist Test of the Value of a B.A.: Introduction to The Education of Millionaires

[Here is the full Introduction to my forthcoming book The Education of Millionaires. Since this piece is being made available here a month before the book is being released, Penguin has asked me to include the following proviso: “These are unrevised and unpublished proofs. Please do not quote for publication until verified with the finished book.” […]

What Does It Mean That Your Life is Perfect?

A Manifesto by Michael Ellsberg You can download the manifesto for free, in PDF form, here. (No email opt-in required.) Dear Friends, A year and a half out from my diagnosis of testicular cancer, I’ve been processing what it all means. I’ve finally come to a place where I am grateful for having had this […]

So This is What “Building a Tribe” Feels Like…

Like everyone else on the Net, I’d heard of of Seth Godin’s concept of Tribes. I had thought it had vaguely something to do with building a Twitter following, an email list, adding Facebook followers. But this week was my first feeling of what it really means to build—and have, and be part of—a tribe. […]