Loving the Unlovable Within

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Later recordings (on the top of this list) reflect refinements, distillations, and more clear explanations of the concept, as I’ve practiced it and developed it over time. So, unlike most classes, I recommend starting with the later ones, and then if you’d like more background, go back to the earlier ones.

Class Recordings

“Love And” versus “Love Or” (1/30/16)

Introduction (9/22/14)

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Experiences From Listeners

Michael, I just wanted to send a short note to express my gratitude for your ‘Loving the Unlovable’ audio. You said that you hoped this 90 minutes would be life-transforming and I can honestly say that it has TRULY been just that for me. I’m nearly speechless at how deeply it landed and has impacted me. I was drawn to it from the get-go, but had no idea how strongly your perspective would resonate with exactly what my soul has been hungering to hear and integrate!

Over the last year I’ve been inching my way towards being in a more accepting, open relationship with my ‘dark parts,’ but this audio felt like a beautiful coming-home and culmination (for now!) on this journey. I’ve also done numerous re-parenting exercises over the years and have NEVER been able to fully relax into those exercises. However, I found myself undergoing a very natural, organic and deep opening/relating on a cellular level in nearly each exercise you offered. I’m not sure how you did it, but that is a pretty miraculous feat Anyway, I so look forward to returning to this audio many times over and implementing this profound yet grounded practice in my life.

Even though I’ve never met you, I fully trusted you throughout those 90 mins, perhaps because you so honestly shared your humanness in such an inspiring, raw, poetic and unassuming, un-guru way. I work in the field of personal development, so let me tell you how very refreshing this is! I have already planned to listen to the audio again on Sunday and will many more times again. I’ll keep you posted as the journey unfolds.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing this work with the world! It has already impacted me more than you know.”




I want to tell you what happened for me when I listened to ‘Loving the Unloveable Within’ last night.

It was all me nodding my head and thinking how well you were articulating it, until the part in the longer visualization where you got us to feel from the child’s point of view, being seen and held and allowed to just BE in that rich negative experience.

Then, a wave of emotion came through me… and the upper right quadrant of my torso began to spasm. A sharp snag passed through my throat, a sensation I have come to understand is resistance clearing through my throat vortex.

This all passed in a matter of a minute. Then, I could not relocate the negative mixture I had been working with; it was gone.

I am curious to see how this might affect me. The feeling I worked with was from about age 17, when I was in high school and trying to figure out which way to steer my education, toward what career. I had been unable to identify anything fulfilling or tangible, and the thought occurred, “what if this world has no place for me?!?”

I am 44 years old and I have yet to find my tangible, fulfilling career-place in this world. (23 years of motherhood put it on the back burner, but the last 3 years it has become front and centre).

Indeed the darkness of the fear that there isn’t a place for me is a charge I have carried through the decades; I have lived in dependency or financial poverty all my adult life, and three weeks ago it hit an all-time critical high, so much so that I gave up my kids entirely into their father’s care and have not seen or even talked with them since.

Last night, after listening to your audio, I thought, if that charge is truly less now, as it seemed to be, changes must occur, of this I was certain.

This morning I confirmed my first contract as a ‘Personal Assistant Extraordinaire,’ which will provide the first piece of a steady income. I wonder if you can have any idea what a relief this is for me? If I get a part time job or another couple of clients, I will be able to start working toward seeing my kids again; for the first time I will have my own income securing my base well-being, a foundation I have gone without for far too long.

Thank you from my heart… and from my survival instincts

Keep up the important work.

Nicole Hartley Bradford