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As promised, here is the PDF download of the full Introduction and Chapter 1 of my book The Education of Millionaires — 60 pages of great content, straight from the book.

As for my private list you just joined — I know how busy we all are and how much email we all get. So I deeply appreciate that you entrusted me with your attention.

I will only send you email when I believe I have something to share with you that will add value to your life: that is the hurdle I try to clear every time before hitting “send.”


In the meantime, I’d like to invite you now to read one of my pieces which I do believe crosses that hurdle, my manifesto What Does It Mean That Your Life Is Perfect?

I wrote this in 2010 as I was finally processing and coming to peace my testicular cancer diagnosis and surgery, which I went through the year before.

In this manifesto, I answer the question, “How is it possible to be grateful for something you would not wish upon yourself or anyone else?”

Many people have told me that this short read (10 min) has given them strength as they face challenging situations in their lives. May it give you strength too.

I look forward to sharing with you all my ideas, articles, manifestos, articles, and other writings in the future, through this email list.


–Michael Ellsberg




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