First and foremost, I’m a book author.

However, some people would like to have access to me 1-on-1.

So, if something I’ve written in one of my books, or on Forbes, or here on my blog, or on Facebook, has resonated for you, and you feel that having me focus on you and your personal and/or business circumstances would be useful, we can make it happen.

I have a reputation, among people in my tribe, for changing people’s lives in one conversation. Here is a testimonial from Jenny Blake about how one conversation we had together changed her life and set her on a different path.

(This moving testimonial, which she gave during her keynote in front of a large live audience at an event I did not attend, was unsolicited, and I only found out about it after someone else recorded it and posted it on the Internet:)

If this is of interest to you, buy your session via the button below, and we’ll schedule your 90 minute private consultation session (via phone or Skype) for some time that works for both of us within the next 2 weeks.



p.s. For those who can’t afford this, but who still want access to my insight and ideas–friends, that’s why I write! To spread my ideas to the widest range of people, for free on the Net or for the price of a book. This offer is specifically for people who want to invest in more personalized attention.

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