About Me

Michael Ellsberg

I’ve written a bunch of stuff, some of which you can see below. I was born in San Francisco in 1977, grew up in Berkeley, and graduated from Brown in 1999. I live in the SF Bay Area.

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Current Projects

  • Don’t Try This Unstoned: The Marijuana Comedy Hour
  • The Divine Absurdity of Love: A Story of Sexual Obsession and Surrender
  • Marijuanerotica: Remembering Your Inner Eros with Cannabis
  • Love in Spirals: Diary of a Mad Hooper
  • The Marijuana Fuck Machine: A Farce


Other Stuff


I am a book author. Specifically, I am the author of “The Last Safe Investment: Spending Now to Increase Your True Wealth Forever,” and The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think, and It’s Not Too Late, both published by Penguin/Portfolio. I am also the author of The Power of Eye Contact: Your Secret For Success in Business, Love and Life, from HarperCollins.

I wrote an op-ed for the New York Times, Will Dropouts Save America?, as well as a guest post on Tim Ferriss’s blog, titled 8 Steps to Getting What You Want… Without Formal Credentials.

I’ve spoken at the Googleplex for the Authors@Google series, at Dartmouth College, at the World Technology Summit & Awards, at the Thiel Fellows Retreat, at TEDxSF, and at the Commonwealth Club of California.


Before my books, I was the creator of Eye Gazing Parties, a series of singles events based on eye contact which attracted feature press coverage from the New York Times, ElleCBS News, MSNBC, Current TV, Yoga Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco magazine, Match.com, Nerve.com, Agence Press France, and on Tim Ferriss’s blog.

I collaborated with Dr. Marc Gerstein on Flirting With Disaster: Why Accidents Are Rarely Accidental.

I was born in San Francisco in 1977, grew up in Berkeley, and graduated from Brown University in 1999. I travel frequently between San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.