6 Annoying Cliches of “Conscious Sexuality” and How to Move Past Them

Here is my second in a series of audio interviews with Michaela Boehm, one of the most subtle, advanced and wise teachers about sexuality, spirituality, and the intersection of the two, currently teaching. Today’s interview gets controversial- it is entitled “6 Annoying Cliches About ‘Conscious Sexuality,’ and How to Move Past Them” In this interview, we […]

What Do Women Want Men to Know in the Age of Trump?

I’ve been given the opportunity to write regularly for a very large audience of men, mostly “guy’s guys” who are involved in self-development. I’ve been invited to introduce these men to new perspectives, particularly regarding sexuality and relationships. I want to use this platform I’ve been given to help these men into greater empathy for […]

My Toast at My Ex-Wife Jena’s Wedding

Last week, I had the pleasure of giving a toast at the beautiful wedding of my ex-wife (and current soul-sister) Jena la Flamme and her new beloved Sacha Nielsen (officiated by my mother, and Jena’s “mother-in-love,” Patricia Ellsberg!) Here’s what I said: Jena, your happiness was, and still is, one of the most important things in my life. And so, […]

My Interview with Peter Thiel on Self-Investment

In 2013, in the process of writing The Last Safe Investment, I got a chance to interview Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and first outside investor in Facebook, on the topic of investing in yourself. This audio, now posted on my Soundcloud, has never been available before. The text is available exclusively on SteemIt. Here […]

Marijuanerotica by Dionisio Diamond

  Almost 4 years ago, in January 2013, I made this short post on Facebook (in quotations below): I’m thinking of starting to write some fiction. And not only fiction, but under a pen name. (I won’t hide that it’s my pen name–but it will be a pen name.) The reason is, there are topics […]

Seven Months Depression-Free. And… Reintroducing Weed Into My Life…

Seven months depression-free now. I’ve brought you all along for the “behind the scenes” of mental health journey so far, so I might as well continue. I’ve been on Lamictal (an antidepressant for bipolar depression) for almost a year now, and it is going well for me. When I first realized I had a serious […]

The Dark Side of “Conscious Sexuality” – Interview with Michaela Boehm

I’ve interviewed famous billionaires. I’ve interviewed rock stars. I’ve interviewed NYT-bestselling authors. And yet, of all the interviews I’ve done, the one I’m most excited about is the one I’m sharing with you now. Michaela Boehm is in my opinion the most advanced, master teacher on sacred sexuality currently teaching. For 13 years, she traveled […]

How to Spend a Mind: Collected Short Writing by Michael Ellsberg

After three books published by major publishers, I’m ready for a new model. Even though I’ve received six-figure advances for both of my last two books, and I’m grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me, the old publishing model just isn’t working for me anymore. I’ve become tired of holing myself up for […]

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