What Do Women Want Men to Know in the Age of Trump?

I’ve been given the opportunity to write regularly for a very large audience of men, mostly “guy’s guys” who are involved in self-development. I’ve been invited to introduce these men to new perspectives, particularly regarding sexuality and relationships.

I want to use this platform I’ve been given to help these men into greater empathy for women’s realities in the age of Trump. In talking with my female friends, since the election, I am struck by how much their personal reality has changed almost overnight. Going from a sense that “things are generally getting better” (if not quickly enough) to “things are getting much, much worse, very quickly.” They are feeling personal grief, despair, fear, outrage, a sense of being embattled and disrespected, and lower day-to-day safety–on not just a political level but a very personal level. I want men to get that.

(I’m mostly about women and men on the blue, anti-Trump side. I lack any understanding of the gender politics within the red, pro-Trump side, and that would be a totally different article with different research.)

So, for those women reading this, I would like to invite you to share about any of these (either in the comments, or via PM…)

  • What do you want men to *get* about what you’re feeling and/or experiencing since Trump got in? What are men in blue America still *not* getting?
  • What are some personal experiences you’ve had, in public, private, or online, since the election, that make you feel like things are radically different now?
  • What coping mechanisms are you using?
  • What political action do you most want to see men taking?
  • How can men step up, serve and support, help you feel more safe, heard and seen?
  • What gives you the most hope in these times, if anything?
  • If you date men, has anything changed for you about your dating/sexuality/relationships with men since Trump got in? If so, what do you want (hetero) men to get about these shifts?
  • Anything else you want men to know or get?
  • What do you most want to know about men in these times?

Thank you for your support on this article.

No matter what you write, I won’t quote you for the article without asking you first–and at that time you can also let me know if you’d rather be identified by your full name, your first name, or use a pseudonym.

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