The #1 Mindset Shift for Success in Your Career and Life (and No, It’s NOT “Positive Thinking”!)

Two of my closest friends and mentors—the uber-badass power couple Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell—invited me to be interviewed by them live for 90 minutes, on a free call now archived for you here:

“The Entrepreneurial Mindset vs. the Employee Mindset”:
A Live 90-Minute Interview With Michael Ellsberg

Listen below

This call focused on the central theme of The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think, and It’s Not Too Late. Much of what I initially learned about topic of this call, I learned directly from Bryan and Jennifer (and I credit them in the book.) So it’s an honor to be interviewed by them on this.

So what is “the Entrepreneurial Mindset,” and what is the “Employee Mindset”?

And why should you mercilessly kick out any last remnants of the latter from your mind?

Well, the top question I’m getting about the book is, “What’s the one thing all these self-made, self-educated millionaires and billionaires you’ve been interviewing for the past two years have in common?”

In this call with Bryan and Jennifer, I spilled the beans and shared the answer.

You see, the best way I can understand what sets apart the self-made millionaires and billionaires I’ve been meeting and interviewing over the past 2 years, is that they all intuitively follow a simple concept I actually learned from Bryan and Jennifer.

It’s called “The Entrepreneurial Mindset vs. The Employee Mindset.” (And no, it has nothing to do with whether you’re actually an entrepreneur or an employee – it’s about your mindset.)

The uber-successful entrepreneurs I’ve been interviewing naturally and intuitively put this concept into practice on their own, and THAT’s what appears to be driving their success. This basic concept we’re about to explore with you in this call—I have come to believe—is the DNA of success.

No, this is not the usual “motivational” fluff, or “affirmations” or “visualization” or “positive thinking” or “law of attraction.” You’ve all heard about that stuff plenty, and it may or may not work, but that’s NOT what this call is about. Promise.

Rather, this is about a hard-nosed, no-nonsense, no-BS mental distinction which I personally observed in action in nearly every super-successful self-made entrepreneur I interviewed these last 2 years for my book. It runs through their very veins—and I believe it the common key that sets them apart from unsuccessful people (including unsuccessful people who have fancy educations!)

(And if you think, “Oh, I’m an entrepreneur already, I’ve already got that nailed”… WRONG! We all have hidden, insidious vestiges of the employee mindset still mucking around in our brains and messing things up without us even knowing it. This call helps you identify them clearly and yank them out.)

I’m not going to get into more detail here about what this mindset is, and what the distinction entails—for that, you’ll just have to listen to the call yourself.

Who are Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell?

Let me tell you a little about the two people who interviewed me on the call.

First, Bryan Franklin is one of my dearest friends. He officiated my wedding ceremony. (That’s him, in the middle, as I recite my vows to Jena, about to put the ring on her finger – that’s my mom looking over from the right!)

My book is about self-education in street-smarts, and I feel I have learned more real-world value studying with Bryan (informally and in a yearlong program I took with him) than in my entire college and high school years put together.

That’s a strong statement, but I believe it.

Bryan is one of the most successful executive coaches in Silicon Valley. He has earned $1 million per year coaching for the past ten years straight, all with no college degree. (He is self-taught, and his amazing story of self-education is in my book.)

He has coached or consulted at very high levels within the executive ranks of some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, including LinkedIn, Google, Apple, Cisco, and Logitech. In my experience learning of his work with A-list clients, it seems he can take pretty much any business situation from $1 million to $10 million to $100 million to $10 billion and show the way forward to massive growth. He’s also one of the most advanced practitioners of high-value corporate sales on the planet and has often been brought in to save $400+ million deals that were going south, talking to dozens of people on each side to save it. It has been a profound honor to study from this man and soak up his wisdom during the past several years.

Jennifer Russell, Bryan’s business partner and fianceé, is one of the most kick-ass (literally, she has a black-belt in several different martial arts!) business minds and facilitators I’ve ever met. Do NOT even think of coming to her and rehashing your tired BS excuses for why you think you can’t get the business results you want—because she shows absolutely no mercy for BS in her clients: she holds them to higher standards than they often hold herself.

Jennifer is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, having worked exclusively in high impact start-ups, most recently as president of an environmental chemical company, bringing over 40 new technology products to market.

Whether its guiding a cancer drug through the arduous process of testing and development or guiding an entrepreneur through the harrowing process of creating their business, Jennifer’s insight and inspiration are bar none.

Listen to Jennifer, Bryan and me below in this special 90-minute call.  


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