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Dear Michael,

You have inspired me to do something you’ll be proud of. A year ago, I heard an interview with you. Your call to action led me to start a Meetup group here in Atlanta, in a field I was just getting into: data science. Today, Data Science ATL has 700 members and is considered one of the hottest techie meetups in town. I chat regularly over coffee with local startup founders, CXOs and other experts. My professional network has grown like crazy and I’m even starting to get speaking opportunities

Thank you for the inspiration and keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next book

Raj Bandyopadhyay

Follow-up email from Raj two weeks later:

I got a new and amazing job offer! Someone in my network recommended me to the CEO of the hottest startup in Atlanta (they just got $11M in funding from Andressen-Horowitz) as a great candidate to build his brand new data science team from scratch. The startup aggressively recruited me over the last 2 weeks and I’ll be accepting a position as Chief Data Scientist with them today. And I wasn’t even looking for a job!

Congrats Raj! Good work!

“No author, living or dead, had ever impacted me the way Michael did with his work.” —Veronica Navarro

“I can’t get enough of Michael Ellsberg since I heard him on Mixergy. . . . Ellsberg just attacks like a tiger wielding Thor’s hammer. . .  I believe Ellsberg because he’s so aggressively open and confident. My favorite example of this is his article about his brand promise – to shatter limited thinking.”  —Peter Christensen

“One of the best books that I’ve read in a long time.” —John Garvens

“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write ‘The Education of Millionaires.’ I just finished it, and holy crap, you just poured gasoline all over the fire that’s been burning in my soul regarding the broken education system and the power of blazing our own trail. . . . Your book is loaded with ammunition to expose the brokenness of the system and also provide a much more viable alternative. It’s a huge inspiration to me, and I’ve already recommended it to many of my friends in numerous nations. Well done!” —Chris Failla

“I want to share a post that has the potential to get you off your ass and into action. . . . Check out Michael Ellsberg’s fantastic (and now infamous) 8 Steps to Getting What You Want Without Formal Credentials. In it, he shows a way to get around the whole credential problem. He shows you the importance of the informal job market. He shows you a way outSo if you’re ready to take that leap and commit to finding a way into a career that has more meaning and depth, make sure to check out the post. It could change your life.” —Carlos Porto

Here is an excellent, detailed point-by-point summary of The Education of Millionaires by Divia Melwani.

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