Sean Parker and Peter Thiel Discuss Higher Education With Michael Ellsberg


  1. Thank you so much Michael for everything. I was introduced to your work through Tim Ferriss blog and have been a fan since. Never dropping out of learning! Thanks again.

  2. Great stuff Michael. I have two degrees and some of your insights have already proved more useful and practical than 5 years of university. Best of luck with the book.

  3. Having read your book and then seeing this is very inspiring. You’re proof in action of what you teach in your book. Nice work!

  4. I disagree with him on research scientist. Most scientists are forged in the research laboratory, outside of the classroom. PhD candidates stop taking classes after the first year or two. Further, scientists constantly learn by doing new research and collaborations. Formal education only opens the door (usually). Formal education does NOT teach how to be scientist.

  5. It’s awesome to know I’m not the only one with this mind set, education is great but does not guaranteed success, it’s such a joy to see other folks fight for what they believe is right