Breaking Through Your Revenue Ceiling

Each of us has what I call a “revenue ceiling”… That amount of revenue that seems impossibly high to achieve in your business or career.

For years, that ceiling for me was just $50,000. That’s right. In 2007, when I was 30, I earned $8,000 from freelancing. I managed to make that work by moving to a 3rd-world country, where the cost of living was cheap (the dark side of “Lifestyle Design”…)

Then, back in the US, I got closer to my ceiling, by bumping up my earning to $25K the next year. Then the next year I finally broke my “ceiling”, bringing in $50K the next two years.

When that happened, my new ceiling—that amount that seemed impossibly high for me and far away—became $100K. The vaunted six-figures.

Then in 2010, I broke that ceiling for the first time.

Now my new ceiling is $200K revenue from doing what I love—writing and helping people. And you know what? I think I’m going to break it. If not this year, then next.

Why am I so confident now that I will?

Because I’ve now had the visceral experience of breaking through my revenue ceilings.

I’ve had the experience of feeling like some number was impossibly high for me, given my current resources, skills, and time. Then watching that feeling of impossibility vanish, as I break through that number eventually, without even sweating too much.

Throughout this process of breaking through revenue ceilings (and more important, breaking through the concept of ceilings)…

Two people have been crucial and indispensable in this process to me.

285998_2393922250154_5738542_oThose two people are my mentors, Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell. (If you want to learn how I brought such high-powered mentors into my life, here’s an article I wrote about it in Forbes.)

Bryan Franklin, one of Silicon Valley’s most sought-after “secret weapons” for CEOs and other execs of high-scale tech startups, has helped 7 companies grow to revenues or valuation of $1 billion or more. That’s billion with a B. (Still above my own revenue ceiling! But not for the companies Bryan advises…)

In a special 90-minute call I hosted with Bryan and Jennifer (listen below), you get access to Bryan and Jennifer’s top mindset and behavior shifts for breaking through the revenue ceiling in YOUR business and career.

26947_362546029327_719466_nHere are some of the things we covered in this call:

  • Are there nagging problems that have been persisting in your business for years? Bryan says, “If you’re a capable person, and you’ve been having the same problem for more than 3 months, then you haven’t identified the right problem. You’ve had the experience of working to solve a problem one way for a long time and it’s still not getting solved. And then you work on a different problem, and the original “problem” instantly dissolves. It turns out, you were trying to solve the wrong problem. There’s a technique for actually applying that experience and insight systematically, instead of haphazardly, to your business, so that problems which have been plaguing your business for years dissolve as if overnight.”
  • Another reason the revenue ceilings persist in your business is that you’ve been trying to break through it with your strengths, not your weaknesses. Yes, you read that correctly. Jennifer says: “Let’s say you’re strong in your business relationships, but weak in your personal habits as a leader. If you want to earn twice as much revenue, you might think, ‘We need to get a lot better business relationships, because we’re good at those, that’s what’s worked for us in the past.’ Well, it turns out, a 5% increase in the quality of your personal habits might double the business. Because that was your weakest link. There’s enormous opportunity for leverage, when you focus just a little attention on your weakest links.”
  • Are you under the false belief that you need more time in your business, so you can get more work done each day and week? Bryan says: “You don’t need more time. What you actually need is a better understanding of how and where you provide value to your own business. It’s only because you don’t quite understand how that works, that it occurs to you like you need more time. There *is* a way out of this time¬†quandary, and it works the same way every time. By getting much more clear on how exactly you are providing value as a leader in your own business. Time problems vanish quickly when you focus on that, instead of on time problems.”
  • Why you may be winning the wrong game in your current business
  • The importance of shrink-wrapping your commitments (what does that mean? Listen to the class :)
  • The crucial important of letting balls drop in your business (yes, you read that correctly)
  • The 5 components of your Ceiling of Complexity- and how to break through them. (What is a Ceiling of Complexity anyway? You better find out on this recording, if you want your revenue to grow this year…)

These are just a few of the insights and shifts you will learn in this call. Bryan and Jennifer get paid thousands of dollars an hour to consult on rapid scale with billion-dollar companies in Silicon Valley.

And in this call, you get access to their brains and wisdom without charge, for 90-minutes.

Listen below!

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