Are You Resisting Marketing Yourself? If So, This is Why…

Are you resisting marketing/selling yourself or your business?

If the answer is yes, ask yourself this: “Do I feel nourished (financially and emotionally) by my transactions with my clients/customers?”

If the answer is no–if your interactions with your clients are leaving you drained, wiped out, or overwhelmed, without adequate nourishment coming back in return (in the form of payment which values the energy you’re putting out)…

Then OF COURSE you’re not going to market or sell yourself… why would you want to go out and get more business for yourself which ends up leaving you feeling even more drained, spent, and undernourished?

In this case, your resistance to marketing yourself more is *self-protection* from more enervation and frustration. Honor that self-protective mechanism within yourself. It is keeping you sane.

And… if this applies to you… then it is time to raise your rates. So that they reflect the energy you are putting out, and you feel *excited* to get more work, because you are being properly honored and respected in your work.

And, if there is no way to raise your rates to a point where you will feel nourished and supported by your work and clients… and/or if no amount of higher rates help you feel nourished in your current line of work or by your current clients…

Then it’s time to find new work.


You have no one to blame for your burnout but yourself.

So step up and stop burning yourself out. You can get yourself out of this.

Charge an amount that won’t burn you out–for burnout is not sustainable.

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