The Last Safe Investment

Myth: If you save for decades and invest in 401(k)s, IRAs, and a home, these investments will grow steadily, allowing twenty to thirty years of secure, peaceful retirement.

Reality: Though this might have been true at some point in the last century, it is not true any longer. If you want to get ahead and enjoy a life of prosperity, you must invest in the last safe investment: yourself, and your own skills, value to others, relationships, and ability to generate happiness in your life consistently.

Business strategist Bryan Franklin and Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires, team up here to present a blueprint for building “True Wealth,” the ability to generate not just financial wealth, but also the experiences you cherish most: security, freedom, creative expression and love.

Discarding traditional advice, Franklin and Ellsberg propose the Self-Amplifying Financial Ecosystem (SAFE) plan. This plan teaches you:

  • The smallest investments you can make, that make the biggest impact on your value to other people, multiplying your earning potential
  • The secret to accumulating savings without willpower or deprivation
  • How to invest in life’s richest experiences, that money can’t buy
  • The “Super Skills”, the most valuable, sought-after, rewarded, and universally beneficial human skills
  • Why most people are throwing away huge sums of money in the quest for happiness, and how to spend that money more effectively.

Penguin/Portfolio, 2016

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.