The Art of Writing for Facebook

There is no better platform on the planet to practice your writing, get known for your writing, and revel in the joy of writing, than Facebook. For 2.5 years, I’ve been writing original prose on Facebook, nearly every day. Some of you have loved it. Some of you have shared it. Some of you have […]

Untangled Love

[Scroll to the bottom for an audio I recorded about untangled love several months earlier–it expands and elaborates on much of what I share below.] I am single, and divorced, and for the first time in my adult life I am allowing myself to *not* be seeking (or in) a relationship in which my life […]

Loving the Unlovable Within – Introduction

A few days ago, I released a new audio program, “Loving the Unlovable Within.” The same day, I received a letter from a listener that moved me to tears. After reading the letter, I have decided to release this program to everyone, for free. (I returned the money of those who already paid me.) Why? Because […]

Discovering Your Hidden Emotions

This is Class 3 of Immersive Awareness meditation. What I found consistently in my practice of this form of meditation is that, at a certain point in the meditation, I would get stuck—and I discovered that what was “sticking” me was some emotion that was present, but that I wasn’t acknowledging. Perhaps shame, fear, self-judgment, or even […]

Drop Out of The System, Drop Into Success – The Dartmouth Lecture

[Below is an edited transcript. There is also an audio version available for streaming and download at the bottom.] I’m going to open with a statement that I guarantee that every one of you in the audience is going to find shocking. I think every one of you students in the room here should consider […]

Ramit Sethi Interviews Michael Ellsberg

I had a blast being interviewed by one of my favorite authors, Ramit Sethi. Here are some topics we covered: The right way to ask for feedback, and the wrong way The crucial difference between people who act on feedback and people who don’t The delicate dance between confidence and feedback – and how to make […]

I Will Build Your Network…

After I wrote The Education of Millionaires, I thought I was going to spend a year after the book came out talking about education, because that’s what the book is about. But to my surprise, hardly anyone asked me about education. The thing people all asked me was, “How did you get connected to all those billionaires?” […]

How to Connect With Powerful and Influential People

At Awesomeness Fest in Playa del Carmen, I delivered this keynote: [Below is an edited transcript. There is also an audio version available for streaming and download at the bottom.] [By the way, if–after watching this video–you’d like additional help putting these steps into action, in a way that is relevant and tailored to your […]

My Debate in India, Sponsored By the Hindustan Times

Here is the video of my debate at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, New Delhi, India. We had a lot of forces against us. I had been in India for 24 hours, did not know the local culture, was in Goddess-knows-what time zone, the motion was worded, for maximum debate fireworks, in a highly polarized […]