I love you as a human being. I’m overwhelmed. I can’t respond right now.

I love you as a human being. (I hope you love me as a human being too.)

I’m overwhelmed with all the communication in my life. All the commitment, projects, expectations. (I’ll bet you are too–I don’t know a single person who isn’t.)

So, I can’t respond right now.

Or, if I were to used the “responsible” language of all those personal growth workshops I take in Northern California, I’d say, “I’m choosing not to respond right now.” As technically, I *could* respond.

But I think I’d go crazy if I responded to everything. And I’ve been crazy before. So yes, I’m choosing not to respond right now.

I hope you don’t take it personally. This means absolutely nothing about you. (“It’s not you, it’s me.) I’m not saying that facetiously.

I’m just unbelievably, incredibly, insanely overwhelmed.

And honestly, if I ever get out of this overwhelm, I also just want space in my life. Space to create, space to think, space to be with my closest loved ones and love them more.

(The poet Keats called this spaciousness “negative capability.” I call it the”joyous void.” Nothingness. Whatever it’s called, it’s great stuff. My guess is you’re craving more of that spaciousness in your life too.).

I love you as a human being. Even if I don’t know you. Because all human beings are, at root, lovable.

Even me–I hope you’ll think–when I get overwhelmed and don’t respond to all my communications.

And if you don’t think so, and get mad at me or feel upset or hurt or rejected (which I hope won’t happen), I love you still.

Now, with this extra spaciousness in your own life, go forth and create some more kickass-ness.

P.S.ssst…. Pass it on…. I’ll bet you’re feeling a lot of the same things I express in this post. Feel free to send other people to this post. And tell them to do the same. Maybe we’ll all start having more compassion for each other when we don’t respond to each other. Seems that more compassion is only way out of this digital overwhelm we’re all finding ourselves in in this crazy stage of humanity’s development.


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