“I Have a Great Guy for You…”

I was telling my girlfriend (7 happy months together now!) about how, when I was single and seeking in the spring, I called at least a dozen of my close female friends, told them I wanted to date seriously, and requested to be set up on blind dates with any of their girlfriends they thought would be a good match.

“Um yeah, I’ll think about that,” my friends replied. All these calls netted zero set-ups. At the time, I was a bit disappointed, and wondered why.

My girlfriend, who happens to be a professional matchmaker (!), said, very diplomatically, “Well, if you had come to me for matchmaking, you would have been an… um… interesting…. man to try to match.”

I said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Then I imagined what my female friends would have had to say to their girlfriends, truthfully, if they were going to set me up:

“I have a great guy for you. He’s divorced, doesn’t want kids, isn’t sure he wants to get married again, is resolutely committed to polyamory, has a history of serious manic episodes–well-documented on the Internet–has attempted to make indie porn in the past, would like to try again, is on bipolar anti-depressant medications, smokes a shit-ton of weed, and is kinkier than a knotted rope. Would you like to be set up on a blind date with him?”

We had a good laugh at that one. She planted a big kiss on me, and hugged me tight.

I’m so lucky to have her. In 7 months, I’ve never taken her for granted, not for one minute, and never will take her for granted.

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