Discovering Your Hidden Emotions

This is Class 3 of Immersive Awareness meditation. What I found consistently in my practice of this form of meditation is that, at a certain point in the meditation, I would get stuck—and I discovered that what was “sticking” me was some emotion that was present, but that I wasn’t acknowledging. Perhaps shame, fear, self-judgment, or even sometimes the hidden emotion was joy that I wasn’t allowing myself to feel! It was still there, and operating in my mind and body, but just below the surface of awareness.

I call this a “hidden emotion”—and what I discovered is that hidden emotions, unacknowledged, run the show. We run away from these emotions (or dissociate from them) because they’re scary, but they are actually causing much more pain (and repercussions) in our lives unacknowledged than if we learn to dive into them, accept them, and integrate them.

If you think you might have some hidden emotion that is running your show, just below the surface, this recording and meditation will help you dive in, discover it, and love it up so it doesn’t need to hide in the shadows so much. Give yourself 35min of quality uninterrupted time to listen to this recording and do the practice.

The audio is available for streaming below. To download it, CTRL-click on the “Download” link below and select “Save Link As” (on a Mac) or right-click on a PC.

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