The Hello App from Evernote: A Lifesaver for an Obsessive Connector Like Me

Huge props to Makena Sage for turning me on to the Evernote Hello App, a business card scanning app for iPhone and Android,

I just breezed through a pile of business cards that had been sitting under my desk for months… The thought of entering all those contacts manually was daunting to me, and this made it a snap.

The Hello App takes a pic, automatically recognizes/scans the phone and email, allows you to merge the contact into iPhone address book, and looks up their LinkedIn and Facebook for social connecting if you want. Then syncs it all up to Evernote for backup. Amazing!

You can also enter contextual and follow-up notes about the person, which is very useful if you’re meeting lots of people at once, say at a conference.

And you can also enter people’s info in manually (and snap a photo) quite easily, if they don’t have a card. This is better than entering their info into your address book directly because you can put in the contextual notes about who they are and what kind of follow up you want to make–otherwise, a new contact might just get eaten alive and swallowed in your address book before you remember to follow up.

This one will make the life of any obsessive networker/connector like me MUCH EASIER. Highly recommended. Thank you Makena!

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