I’m an Entrepreneur… I Need a Shrink!

Have you ever thought you were crazy?

I wonder that about myself almost every day. Certainly once a week.

If you’re reading this, then I assume you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, artist, or otherwise have (or dream of having) some kind of entrepreneurial/artistic/creative career.

Which means, I know a little somethin’ about you…

(Shhh… I won’t tell anyone!)

It means, you’re crazy.

At least, a little bit.

Just like me.

I just wrote this piece on Forbes called I’m an Entrepreneur… I Need a Shrink!

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re crazy, or had people tell you that your dreams are crazy, or thought about throwing in the towel and getting a “normal” job just like your parent/teacher/professor/aunt/uncle/pastor/rabbi told you to…

Then I hope you read this piece… as it will help you realize you’re not so crazy after all.

Or maybe, the way in which you march to your own beat (i.e., that way in which you *are* “crazy”)… is the most precious, productive, fruitful, economically valuable part about you.

In this age of saturated markets, zero barriers-to-entry, and instant copy-cats, the thing that will set you apart is your own brand of entrepreneurial crazy—differentiating you from all the sheeple and me-too’s and also-rans.

Because, with all due respect to *your* crazy… No one’s going to copy it!

If they even tried to base a brand around copying someone else’s crazy—well, then, they’d be crazy too. (But in a dumb way, not in the brilliant, unique way you are.)

Embrace your crazy. Love your crazy. Nurture and protect your crazy.

I hope this article empowers you to do so.



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