Marijuanerotica by Dionisio Diamond


Marijuanerotica by Dionisio Diamond

Almost 4 years ago, in January 2013, I made this short post on Facebook (in quotations below):

I’m thinking of starting to write some fiction. And not only fiction, but under a pen name. (I won’t hide that it’s my pen name–but it will be a pen name.)

The reason is, there are topics I’d like to explore in writing that are more risqué than I care to ‘own’ as necessarily being my own opinion, for perhaps they are not my opinion–I wish to explore them, not state them as necessarily true. I wish to give a voice to them, without ‘defending’ them as ‘positions’ I hold, as one is frequently asked to do as a non-fiction writer.

I’d like to have *characters* voicing certain things, rather than Michael Ellsberg….

Anyone up for reading some risqué (sexually, philosophically, spiritually, pharmacologically) fiction from me?

The response from you, my readers, was overwhelmingly positive. (I’ve posted the link to the original post in the comments here, if you’re curious to read back.)

It’s been a rollercoaster in my life since that post, with many ups and downs. If you’ve been following my Facebook over the past several years, you already know that. During this time, however, I have not shared that there has been a fictional alter-ego brewing inside of me. It took him a while to finally find his voice, but today, he speaks for the first time publicly, with:

Marijuanerotica: Love Letters to the Green Goddess
by Dionisio Diamond

Dionisio is a witch, and he prays to the Green Goddess–the spirit of the marijuana plant—through love letters her writes to her, and to the various muses she sends to him as her earthly emissaries.

On this day of the witches, Halloween 2016, I summon my fictional alter-ego, the witch Dionisio Diamond, into the world, through his first letter, “You Were Sent to Me By the Green Goddess.” This letter is addressed to his fictionalized girlfriend, Cassy, whom he worships as a witchy embodiment of the Green Goddess herself.

This is a first foray into the adventures of Dionisio–stay tuned, and see what is brewing!

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