Archive of My Writing and Media From Around the Web

Here is an archive of my past writing and media from around the Web. (Also, here is the link for the archive of older posts on this site.)

Articles by Me

My Column

Between 2011–2013, I wrote a column on Here are some highlights:

Press About Me

My work has been covered by CNN (also on CNN here), Yahoo! Finance, US News & World Report (Part 2 here), CNBC, Coast to Coast, the National Review Online (and here), Investors Business Daily, Digital Trends, The Blaze, International Business Times, Reason, Big Think (also here, here and here), the Laura Ingraham Show, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Harvard Business Review online, The American Bar Association Journal, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the American Express OPEN Forum. For years I wrote a column on Forbes about entrepreneurialism, education, and career development.

I was quoted in the New York Times Sunday Styles piece “Saying No to College.” I have been referred to on TechCrunch as a “super-connector.”

I’ve been featured in various business and industry newsletters including Whiskey & Gunpowder, The Daily Reckoning with Bill Bonner (Bill Bonner is a hero of mine so this was an honor), and in the Lefsetz Letter.

My book also received the honor of being attacked stridently in Time by Vartan Gregorian, who was the president of Brown University while I was a student there, and by the $500,000/year Macalaster College president Brian Rosenberg on HuffingtonPost. The Chronicle of Higher Education is apoplectic about my work. (Here, here and here.) As is Inside Higher Ed. You may just want to read the book they don’t want you to read!

My work has been covered widely in the blogosphere, including on Mixergy, Brazen Careerist, Unschooling NYC, UnCollege,, the Nate Green Experience, Nathaniel Whittemore, Psychology Today, PolicyMic, The Indie Chicks, AOL On Relationships, and on the Learning Network blog of the New York Times.

Selected Social Media Posts

There are some spam sites out there that copy social media writing without permission. This is annoying for various reasons, one of which is it deprives authors of the Google juice from their writing. For this reason, I post some of my social media posts here (first) before spam sites copy them. Quality mileage may vary.