Art of Writing for Facebook – Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining The Art of Writing for Facebook.

All course content is released through the private Facebook Group for the course.

To join the group, friend request me on Facebook (if we’re not already friends), and also message me saying you’ve just joined the course. (If your name on Facebook is different than the name on your PayPal receipt, then please also include in your FB message the name/email used to purchase the course on Facebook.)

–> I will also be sending some course materials via email. If the EMAIL ADDRESS you want me to send course info to is DIFFERENT than the email address that your PayPal receipt for this course was sent to (i.e., your main PayPal email address), be sure to email me both the address you would like course material sent to, along with the address on your receipt for ID purposes. Mail these via the contact form here.

(You can also use that contact form for any other customer service/setup issues related to the course.)

THANK YOU, and see you in the course!


As an extra “Thank You” for purchasing the course, I’d like to offer you 50% OFF a 1-HR Private Consultation with me on your writing.

In this private session, you will get:

  • 1-on-1 feedback, suggestions, and guidance on your progress in the course, including my reading/edits of many of your posts
  • My honest opinion and personalized advice about how best to turn your writing into larger projects such as books (traditional vs. self-published), blogs and articles
  • My general advice on your branding, as it relates to your social media and writing presence

Normally, a 1-hour session with me costs $295 (no, this is not some BS, made-up, inflated Internet-Markety # – you can see that this is what I normally charge via the “Work With Me” link in the navigation above.)

However, since you’ve raised your hand as wanting help with your writing, and invested in this course, I am offering this 1-hour session for over 50% off, for a price of $145. (Limit one per student.)

These sessions will occur over the next several months, one a first-come first-served basis.

You can buy this anytime before the course ends on 12/29, as long as there is still space for this offer. However, to reserve your ideal time before everyone else jumps on, buy now below!

Bonus 1HR Private Consultation With Michael Ellsberg, 50% OFF Registration: