Affiliate Terms

Michael Ellsberg’s Premier Partner and Affiliate Program: Terms and Conditions

1. All commissions are tracked on leads via our affiliate software.  In case of malfunction, Michael Ellsberg’s company will do everything in their power to manually track referrals and award commissions as appropriate.

2. All commissions are paid 30 days from end of launch sequence or when shopping cart closes.  In the event of an evergreen launch, commissions are awarded on the first of the month after 30 days from point of purchase.

3. All cookies are tracked for 1 year from point of lead and you may receive commissions on any referred sale during that time period.

4. Commissions are paid via paypal.

5. In the extend of a customer refund, any awarded commissions will be subtracted from balance on future commissions.

6. Michael Ellsberg and company has the right to refuse admittance into partner and affiliate program at any time and may dismiss participation based on any negative behavior, discrimination, spamming, or misrepresentation of his company and all intellectual property.

7. Partners may not claim intellectual property as own.

8. Partners can not earn commissions on own investment into program until they have referred 5 sales.

9. Michal Ellsberg’s company has right to change commissions, program price, or campaign strategies at any time as is in best interest to all parties.

10. Above all else, Partners become a of Michael Ellsberg’s scene and therefore asked to have fun and be authentic in their work!
Please let us know how we can help you do so!