From 6 Figures to 7 Figures (With Satisfaction & Fulfillment)

If you’ve followed me at all or read my stuff, you know I’m always seeking out the most cutting-edge teachers to learn from personally.

Well, I’m excited to share with you a recording of a live class with my two greatest and *favoritest* teachers and mentors of all, Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell, who will be seriously schoolin’ us on:

From 6 Figures to 7 Figures (With Satisfaction & Fulfillment)

If you’ve read my book, you’ll remember Bryan as the dropout millionaire who opens the book, the very first story on the first page of the Introduction (where he gets the chance to run circles around a Harvard MBA). Bryan has created multiple seven-figure business in his career from scratch- with no college credential. 

Also, Bryan and his partner in business and life, Jennifer, contributed a great deal of the framework of Chapter 7, on The Entrepreneurial Mind-set vs. the Employee Mind-set– that was their brainchild (which I give them credit for in the book.)

They shared for 70 minutes about a topic I know you are likely to be very interested in: how to go from six figures in your business to seven figures.

Now, I can’t speak to that topic from personal experience, as I’m at six figures myself now (I know a lot about how to go from 5 to 6, as I’ve just made that transition in the last few years :)

However, like you, I’m very interested in this topic, so I grilled the heck out of Bryan and Jennifer so I could learn everything I can from them, and sharing it with you live on the call.

They talked about the key shifts in scale, business organization, marketing, and of course mind-set, that have to occur to ramp up your business from the 6 to 7 figure transition.

And THEY know a hell of a lot about this–not only because they’ve both done it themselves. Even more relevant, in the last few years, six of their own students have grown their own businesses to 7 figures as a direct result of implementing strategies suggested to them by Bryan and Jennifer.

But here’s the most important part. This isn’t just about money. (If you make more money, but the things you have to do to get there make you miserable, what the hell is the point?)

Money doesn’t give you meaning in itself- if it did, there wouldn’t be so many millionaires who turn to drink and drugs out of despair!

So, the second part of the title, “With Satisfaction & Fulfillment”, is key to this class.

More than any other teachers I know, Bryan and Jennifer are committed to making sure your business and career are integrated with your deepest sense of your values, mission, and purpose on the planet, and also with your sense of vibrancy and aliveness.

(Indeed, I always am very open about crediting a lot of my own success in creating my dream career as a writer to having studied with them intensively.)

Could it be possible to grow your business revenue while also growing your sense of meaning, flow, and contribution?

Bryan and Jennifer say you’re actually *more* likely to grow your earnings if you also grow your sense of contribution and purpose through your business.

I know it’s a controversial assertion, but they have a lot of direct evidence from their own experience and that of their students to back it up- so let’s hear what these master teachers have in store for us.

Check out the call below.

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